🎮P2E Gaming & Social-Fi

Revolutionizing play-to-earn gaming and developing WEB3 components. Improving social engagement On-chain whilst increasing trust and security.

P2E Gaming is an abbreviation for Play-To-Earn, which is the opportunity for participating community members to join gaming challenges and earn tokens with monetary value outside the ecosystem. P2E is a category of blockchain technology gaming with user-owned economies enabled through the in-game assets represented by ALEX tokens and NFTs. This new innovative technology was Introduced via the WEB3 wave of benefits like self custody, De-Fi, Digital Identification, Social-fi, NFTs and more. All components are necessary within the ALEX ecosystem.

The $ALEX team & community are working on improving the user experience compared to other P2E & meme tokens, our main focal point is the smooth transition between gaming credits and digital assets to be used within the everyday world. Our platform will unite communities via cross chain compatibility and integrate popular gaming services into our platform to improve interoperability in gaming.

A major difference between ALEX and alternative P2E gaming platforms is Fungibility and Interoperability. Axie Infinity is perhaps the most famous P2E game built on the Ethereum blockchain, your task is to battle your way to get the Axies monsters that are unique NFT tokens. Each battle won will see you earn cryptos called SLPs. This is a different currency from their main token AXS, meaning the growth in liquidity is split between two tokens. The ALEX ecosystem prioritises the ALEX token as it is the lifeblood of the ecosystem. Users will earn rewards in ALEX tokens which can be used for De-Fi protocols on our platform.

ALEX THE DOGE will take the gaming market by storm. Gaming convenience and utility will set $ALEX apart from alternative P2E platforms, Alex is King! A true combination of crypto and legacy gaming, a pure P2E cryptocurrency inspired by the Sega legend Alex The Kid. Built and designed to rekindle your love for retro P2E gaming whilst earning crypto and accessing the digital asset markets.

ALEX will be one of the first movers in this industry by creating social-fi interoperability with our gaming and trading platform, improving the Social trading experience for users apart of multiple communities.

With Elon Musk's recent acquisition of the global social platform Twitter, we’ve seen a surge of interest in the Social-Fi industry. Social-Fi is a new protocol and an abbreviation for Social Finance. Social-FI platforms offer the collaborative benefits of Social networking and Finance to create decentralized platforms for users to enjoy. From the perspective of the ALEX team & community, Social-Fi will cause a larger disruption to the industry than the introduction of De-Fi (Decentralized Finance).

Social-Fi is the fusion of social media and Web3, the ALEX team will be working on developing the individual components needed for our community to participate in social-fi on the ALEX platform, ultimately improving the user experiencing and creating a fluid transition from gaming, social and trading. Users will be able to join Social trading groups on the ALEX platform, bridging the gap between diverse trading communities and introducing ALEX to multiple crypto and gaming groups.

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