๐Ÿš€About ALEX

Understanding the inspiration and vision for the ALEX project, team and community.

Alex The Doge is inspired by the legacy SEGA game Alex The Kidd which was initially released November 1, 1986. After the release of Alex Kidd in Shinobi World in 1990, Sega decided to predominantly focus on Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGAโ€™s focus completely shifted towards Sonic leaving the ALEX community in limbo, the ALEX community have decided to enhance the gaming interaction by incorporating cryptocurrency components such as P2E gaming to allow users to earn ALEX tokens as they venture within the Miracle Verse.

Our mission as a community is to revitalize the SEGA legacy nostalgia and introduce our cryptocurrency components to existing and retro gaming communities, from our perspective ALEX is the bridge to acquaint P2E gaming to a larger gaming community with similar interest.

The gaming industry is an enormous market anticipating a project like ALEX to take center stage. More than 3.2 billion people worldwide play games and the global gaming market is set to reach $256.97 billion by 2025.

Top economic analysts have already predicted the total gaming market to be valued at $435 billion by 2028, technologies like virtual and augmented reality are enhancing the gaming revolution and developing interactive games to fit the everyday life of the individual.

A successful representation of augmented reality gaming is Pokรฉmon Go, an augmented reality mobile game, part of the Pokรฉmon franchise established in 2016. This allowed gamers to participate within the physical world alongside the virtual, the convenience of playing on the go brought more users to the ecosystem and introduced a new style of gaming to the masses.

The ALEX team and community are focused on attacking the gaming market with a similar convenience for monetary purposes, granting the opportunity for our community to play familiar P2E games and earn from participation.

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