💱Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi's core thesis is that there is no centralized authority to dictate or control transactions.

Decentralized Finance or often referred to as De-Fi is a new financial tool to allow end users to interact peer to peer without the reliance of third party organizations such as exchanges, brokerage firms, banks etc. This new financial instrument birthed the creation of decentralized protocols like UniSwap, a decentralized exchange or DEX which allows individual crypto users to trade crypto tokens with other participants without any centralized authority.

The ALEX team have integrated De-Fi into the ATD ecosystem to allow value to transfer throughout the ecosystem and provide liquidity for trading, gaming and security. ALEX is an ERC20 standard token built on the Ethereum blockchain, by utilizing EVM ALEX can bridge to alternative blockchains and provide liquidity to participating members from different communities and ecosystems.

One way ALEX can operate in De-Fi is by being used as collateral for loans. In a De-Fi lending platform, users can deposit their meme tokens as collateral and receive a loan in return. The value of the meme tokens is assessed based on the market demand and liquidity, which can determine the amount of loan that can be borrowed against the collateral.

Another way ALEX can operate in De-Fi is through liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Liquidity providers (LPs) deposit pairs of tokens into a liquidity pool, which allows users to trade those tokens without needing to match with a specific buyer or seller. ALEX tokens can be added as pairs into liquidity pools on DEXs, where users can trade them for other cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Interoperability is the future of WEB3 and gaming, our holders will be able to fluently transcend from one component to another without the permission of third parties. ALEX token holders will be able to use De-Fi to stake for rewards and swap into alternative assets on our platform. MEME Swap is a community focused decentralized exchange built on ALEX' platform, allowing users from all community P2E projects to easily access ALEX and alternative gaming assets.

Earn other community based tokens such as SHIB & DOGE for rewards as you complete gaming challenges and transcend into the ecosystem. Within the near future users from community based projects will be able to Stake their tokens on ALEX to receive rewards for delegating liquidity to the ecosystem for social trading and gaming. This also allows the ALEX team to propose DAO opportunities and provide capital to new upcoming P2E game and NFT developers to consistently build new products within the ecosystem, developers will be able to ensure a funding grant and a direct audience to release their new product.

More information will be released on our gaming DAO within the near future for core community members focused on developing new use cases and products for the ALEX ecosystem.

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